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                    ABOUT US

                    SHANDONG NATERGY ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 2003. Today Natergy is the largest molecular sieve 3A manufacturer for insulating glass in China. Natergy persists the principle of quality and makes commitment that Natergy molecular sieve 3A excludes calcium oxide,calcium chloride, molecular sieve 4A and other corrosive substances,thus it can prolong the lifespan of insulating glass up to 30 years long.

                    Natergy is an integrated company.It has its own production department,product research department,equipment research department and associated lab,owning more than 20 patents. With self-developed automatic production line and monitoring center,Natergy is equipped with annual output capacity of more than 30,000 ton.With the certification according to EN 1279: 2018-7 by IFT, REACH registration of 1000+ MT and the approval official certified by CEKAL, IGCC/IGMA and ISO9001-2008 and ROSH. Natergy covers more than 20% market shares in the world.Most importantly,Natergy is the unique company in the world which not only sells products,but also provides test kits to help the clients distinguish or judge the quality of molecular sieve 3A,thus keep the IG unit away from threat of corrosive desiccant.

                    60 %
                    Proportion of R&D personnel
                    Total annual production
                    Customer service
                    Company area (㎡)

                    DEVELOPMENT PATH

                    • 2021
                    • 2020
                    • 2019
                    • 2018
                    • 2016
                    • 2015
                    • 2014
                    • 2013
                    • 2012
                    • 2011
                    • 2010
                    • 2009
                    • 2008
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                    • 2003


                    Won the honorary title of "Quality Strong Zone Benchmark Enterprise in 2020"
















                    development path

                    COMPANY IDEAL

                  1. The top principle

                  2. Ideal

                    pay attention to energy resources and to achieve energy environmentally recycling
                  3. Spirit

                    Grateful and faithful  Feasible and creative
                    Confident together  Environment recycling
                  4. Lifeline

                    Quality and faith

                  5. Managing principle

                    safety first
                    quality second
                    benefits third

                  6. Personnel principle

                    provide a platform for everyone to develop his ability and integrate personal ideal with company’s forwarding steps

                  7. Short-term goals

                    Realize the high-quality, high-efficiency and intelligent reengineering

                  8. Long-term goals

                    Established production and life style based on the concept of " LOVE "

                  9. Employment requirements

                    centripetal   burden introspection  sensitive

                  10. The guiding ideology of the company's development method

                    Details and innovation

                  11. Source of pride

                    We belong to CHINA; we are the standard in the global same industry

                  12. MARKETING NETWORK


                    ENTERPRISE HONOR

                  13. cekal
                  14. ift
                  15. igcc
                  16. reach
                  17. iso
                  18. rohs
                  19. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

                    • 01

                      Since the establishment of the factory in 2003, the company has organized all employees to carry out a flag-raising ceremony every month to cultivate their patriotism

                    • 02

                      A monthly subsidy of 500 yuan per child for children of employees 6 years old and below

                    • 03

                      Provide pensions for the employees' parents and pay to the employees' parents' bank cards every month

                    • 04

                      Employees enjoy 10-20 days of paid annual leave according to their seniority

                    • 05

                      Provide pensions to employees who have worked in the company for 20 consecutive years and retired in the company

                    • 06

                      Pay five social insurances and one housing fund for employees